How to Pack a Backpack!

How to Pack a Backpack – must-haves for him and her, benefits and other stuff!

Whenever we plan going on holidays or take a trip we come across with the (sometimes) difficult task of how to efficiently pack a backpack.



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When it comes to trips as couple, packing a backpack can become a real drama. She wants to start preparing everything one week ahead, on the other hand, for Him it is easy to pack on the day before; She wants to take shoes for all occasions, for Him a couple of trainers are more than enough; She imagines the most different pictures and situations that may arise and have to take a thousand things, for Him the less the better.

Of course preparing a travel backpack largely depends on the place where we’re going, the time we stay, the temperature and especially the type of activities we plan to do.

In our trips we always try to be as practical as possible and only take the essential stuff according to the number of days we will travel, so each of us individually prepare our backpack and common items, such as documents or technology, are shared between us. And yes, She is right! Do not let it to the last-minute because you risk forgetting something or even not have your favorite clothes ready, because stills for laundry. The best idea is to draft a list so you don’t left anything behind.


Benefits of choosing a Travel Backpack over a Trolley:

  • Save money because the space is not enough for you to put/bring non-elementary stuff, so you avoid paying “extras” upon checking the luggage;
  • Easy do move around, with transfers and hanging around airports or moving inside transports getting faster because you don´t need to pull a “dead body” behind you;
  • Easy to store, as you can easily put it at overhead bins at almost all transports, including airplanes;
  • Hands free, so you can grab a map in one hand and camera in the other;
  • Avoid listening “ouch!” when passing over a foot with the bag wheels on your way out from a crowded subway.

Worry about:

  • “Important things’” small bag: your passport (and copies), travel tickets and/or transport routes (with the sites’ name in the local language), your consulate or embassy contacts in the destination country  or closest one, your bank phone number in case of credit/debit card loss and of course money. However, we advise you not to keep all the money in one place only. Arrange small hideaways only known by you
  • Search! Know if there’s any mandatory vaccination. On the other hand confirm if a visa is required
  • Rain Poncho, in tropical countries you never know what to expect
  • Small first aid kit
  • Backpack identification tag

Do not worry about:

Slippers, hair dryers, shampoos, toothbrushes and shower gel. Nowadays all hotels provide this type of products or, at a worst case scenario, you can easily get them at any convenience store.


For Her:

If He bothers you with “that bag already weighs more than seven kilo!” or “tell me again how many days are we going on holidays!?” do not listen him! Always be ready!

  • The ideal is to get two or three pants or shorts or skirts and try to prepare pre-sets or elements that easily match. For example: take two pairs of pants and three sweaters to travel for four or five days, as you will be changing it no one will notice that you already repeated a particular piece. You can also opt for unique pieces, like dresses or jumpsuits.
  • Take a simple one color dress that combines with any accessory that will outstand at any special occasion.
  • Do not forget your pajama.
  • A bikini, socks and enough underwear for the number of vacation days.
  • If traveling during winter, choose a raincoat and gloves/scarf to keep you warm.
  • If you are traveling during the summer take a light jacket. Can make really cold at some airports and transports.
  • Take a scarf that you can always use as wrap, as well as to cover yourself if visiting some sort of temple (some countries do not allow women to enter uncovered).
  • You are going on holidays!!! So give a break to your make-up case and usual accessories, preparing only the essential as: eye liner, mascara, foundation, two pairs of earrings and a necklace that match with your clothes.
  • Two pairs of shoes are enough.

For Him:

Practical is our way! If She is upsetting you with “you only take that?” or “don´t you want one more t-shirt?” do not listen Her and follow your instinct. The backpack doesn’t need to be full … and She will thank you later on when She needs room for all the souvenirs She bought…

  • For five days take five underwear and socks (wow, that was difficult!). Three T-shirts and a polo shirt for a special occasion, which should match your shorts and pants. Some slippers if going to beach area and trainers for trips and long walks.
  • Shaving gel, Gillette and after-shave … depends on you. If you have baby skin, take yours, otherwise buy it at any convenience store.
  • Take care of technology. Help your “darling” and prepare your mobile phone chargers, camera and appropriate charger, if necessary, the adapters. Do not forget to charge all the devices in the hours before leaving so you may enjoy the maximum battery on the trip out.


Did you guys noticed how bigger was her list? ahaha

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