Macau Food Festival (Food Food Food)

Macau Food Festival = Eat, eat, eat!

Hundreds of stalls, Asian food for all tastes and … people. Lots of people! But let’s get down to what matters the most: Food!


Every year, around November, we have the Macau Food Festival … and it comes hand in hand with the winter.

Located at the giant roundabout right in front of Macau Tower, it counts with 16 editions and gather around 140 stalls. You may expect to delight yourself with delicious delicacies not only from Macau, but also from Europe, such as Portugal and Italy, Asia like India, Thailand, Japan, among many others and of course many stalls from the most varied regions of China.

Lately, there are some stalls preparing food that we cannot categorize at one specific country as they are more like an invention, thus let’s call it Creative Food.

For each edition there is a “corner” where they focus on one specific country and its gastronomy. This already happened to Japan, Thailand and, more recently, Malaysia, so if you guys are super fans of this type of gastronomy, you may have to wait a little bit…but don’t get grumpy already, there is always a tent or two at the roundabout!

In addition to eat like if the world was ending, you can count with shows, such as live music and dance, but please don’t get too excited, since we would rate them as mediocre and are mainly (sometimes totally) presented in Chinese only.


There’s also a gaming area where you can test your skills and, who knows, win a prize!


The payment is made at the stalls by coupons which you have to buy at specific points – Cashier. Each time you go there to buy the coupons, the value cannot be less than 100 MOP, so we advise you to go around first and find out what you want to eat and what´s the price, otherwise you will get stuck up with coupons that you don’t want to use and you can’t change back to money either. For each 100 MOP bought, you get a set for several stores’ discounts and 5 MOP for the gaming zone.



Let’s get down to what matters the most: Food!

Drink or bite, salty or bitter…there’s hundreds of tastes to serve you all!

We started with creative food and went for Indian, Japanese and Chinese, ending with a recent creative desert of Macau.






Getting There:

Well, the Macau Tower isn’t exactly difficult to notice, so in a worst case scenario you simply look up and walk in its direction.

However, despite being a tourism hot spot, it doesn’t offer many options in terms of public transportation, but we have a few extra options for you.

Option 1: Take bus 9A, 18, 23, 26 or 32 and get off at (can you guess the name!?) Macau Tower! Know more here.

Option 2: If you are in the center of Macau (Grand Lisboa area) a walk may not be a bad idea. The view for the Lake Nam Van is pleasant and takes about 20 minutes.

Option 3: Get there for free by getting a free shuttle bus. These shuttles make the route without stops and they depart from Taipa and Macau. In Taipa they leave from Central Park, right on the other side of the Nova Park building. From Macau you can take it at the center at Luso Bank headquarters and (not so central) at Areia Preta area or at the border. These shuttles run until 24:30 on fridays & weekends and until 23:30 on weekdays.


General Information:

Date: around November

Location: Sai Van Lake Square

Google Maps Coordinates: 22.181070, 113.537665

Payment: By Vouchers

More Info: 2857 5765


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