Hong Kong | Dragon’s Back Trail

Easy, Sea Breeze and Beer at the end!

Hong Kong is home of many cool places for hiking and trail running. This time we conquer the Dragon, named by TIME Magazine as the Best Urban Hike in Asia and by many others as one of the most Family Friendly Hikes. Come and get to know Dragon’s Back Trail!

Dragon’s Back, which is also known as the Hong Kong trail Section 8, is approximately 8 km long / 3 hours trail and an easy walk after the first part, which will require a little bit more from your legs with all those stairs up the hill. After that, it´s fairly easy and it offers a good view, sea breeze and good spots for some photos, but nevertheless you shall mind the humidity and temperature, which may increase the difficulty.

And because trails are all about nature and peace of mind, do yourself a favor and avoid going on weekends and most importantly, don’t go on any type of Chinese holidays as it will, for sure, be crowded!

Now, wondering why the name Dragon’s Back? It´s because of its S-shape and up and downs, which remind us of a back of a dragon!

Caption: The S-shape Mountains


How to Get to the Starting Point:

  1. Just catch the MTR dark blue line (Island Line) heading to Chai Wan and leave on Shau Kei Wan Station, Exit A3.
  2. Go outside and look for bus number 9, which is one of those two-floor buses. Sit on the upper deck so you may enjoy the view and sit tide for a 25 minutes ride.
  3. Alight at To Tei Wan bus stop and you will be facing the starting point!
Caption: Dragon’s Back Trail Map


Caption: Dragon’s Back Starting Point


How to Move During the Trail:

There’s really nothing to worry about. Most of the time the trail is well signed…the rest of the time you just trust your instincts, but what is life without a little excitement?

It’s not that bad! You just follow the little hikers’ pictograms for most of the track. Later on some signs saying “Big Wave Bay” will start to pop-up and you just follow its direction.

So let us guide you:

  1. You are on the Starting Point, a few minutes after, you will see on your left a small path which will lead you to a place for pick-nick/nice photo. If you don’t want just don’t turn left and keep going up the hill.
  2. A couple of hours later and many photos after, you shall start seeing the signs for “Big Wave Bay”. Just follow it.
  3. Later on you will reach the below intersection. If you wish to finalize Dragon’s back trail, just go right heading to Big Wave Bay. If for some reason you have to leave earlier, choose left, heading to Tai Tam Gap, which supposedly have a Bus Stop (we didn’t go there).
  4. One more hour and you will reach Tai Long Wan Village, which is home of Big Wave Bay.
  5. We suggest you going down by the beach, where you have a WC and a Bar which sells the local beer, coconut water and some fast-fried-food (french fries, chicken wings, etc).

Lay back and enjoy the sea breeze and waves with the local fruity beer!

Caption: Intersection


Tips & Suggestions:

  • There are 3 local beer for you to try, each one with a different flavour, but all very fruity. You can get them by the bar on the beach. We recommend you the Dragon’s back one, of course!
Caption: The 3 beers!


  • This beach it’s a surfing spot and all around the village you will see quite a few surf shops, so why not give it a try? You can buy or rent some equipment like surf boards, beach mats, beach toys, etc.


Caption: Surf Shops and Beach


  • Right next to the beach there’s a free BBQ area in case you want to make some grills. Idea: beach day, friends, beer and BBQ!



How to Go Back to Civilization:

Just do all the way back!

Naaa, we’re kidding, just ask where to catch the bus. It’s one of those mini buses for 16 persons only and it will be located at the car park area which is right at the village entrance. It will take you back to the MTR station (Shau Kei Wan) in about 25 minutes.




Photo Gallery:

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