5 Reasons to Visit Portugal!

Portugal is home of wonderful things!

From food to landscapes, great history, cheap deals and a lot of sun, Portugal definitely deserves your visit!

As a Portuguese, we are overwhelming with the recent news that more and more travelers are choosing Portugal, including its islands, for their holidays, even repeating quite a few times.

Although we come up with these 5 reasons to visit Portugal, we feel quite odd as we know we are not being truly honest, as Portugal, while a small country, has sooooo much more to do, see and feel!


Reason 1: Delicious and varied food you must to try!

Food lover or not, one thing you will have to agree is that Portuguese food is awesome!

We have 1001 recipes for dishes made of Bacalhau (codfish) and heavy & tasty traditional gastronomy, like Feijoada, Cozido à Portuguesa and Francesinha. We also have the freshest seafood and fish, which you shall eat along with our golden olive oil. Check this article from CNN about Portuguese food!

One thing Portuguese people are really crazy about is Sardinhas Assadas na Brasa (grilled sardines), which comes along with songs and dancing and lots of people in the streets of Lisbon, so make sure you visit us by Mid-June! Get to know more about this festivity here.

To complement, all this tasty dishes can be accompanied by the wide range of finest Portuguese wines and liqueurs. If you don’t like wine that much, then give a try on Sangria!

And the cherry on top is our traditional pastry. Make sure to try Pastel de Nata, our cinnamon-sprinkled custard tarts invented by monks which are one of the 7 wonders of Portuguese gastronomy. Have a look on our pastry here.

Caption: Food Map of Portugal by Uniplaces

Reason 2: Breathtaking landscapes!

The landscape of Portugal will even amaze those with the highest expectations regarding the wonders of nature. From the south fields in Alentejo, passing by Lisbon heading to Porto and finalizing in our volcanic islands – Madeira and Açores – you will have to agree that Portugal is full of stunning landscapes. Discover them here.

And you know what goes well with landscapes? Sunshine! And Portugal has a lot of it, even in the winter, as this video from Portugal Government Tourism Office brightly shows, covering lots of stunning places at a perfect day light in winter time!



lisbon landscape    Berlengas

Photos Caption: Douro Valley by Sunmed Holidays | Madeira Island by TripAdvisor  | Azores Island by Azores Shore Excursions | Porto by Don´t Fly Go!  | Lisbon by pixabay | Berlengas by Guia de Noivos


Reason 3: We have both the most beautiful beach and pool in Europe!

Do you feel the smell of suncream in the air?  Better you do, because Portugal has not only the best beach, but also the most beautiful pool in Europe!

Let’s start by the beach: Praia dos Galapinhos – located at the Natural Park of Arrábida in Setúbal, this not easily-accessible beach was distinguished by European Best Destinations as the “Most Beautiful Beach in Europe (2017)”, among 15 beaches divided by 6 countries, competing with heavy names like Greece and Italy. Get to know more here.

How about the pool? Porto is the place! This wonderful pool was already elect, back in 2015 by The Telegraph, as one of the “7 Most Beautiful Pools in the World”!
Now, in 2017, the European Best Destinations bring this pool to the front-page once again, by electing it as the “Most Beautiful Swimming-Pool in Europe”! Get to know more here.

Caption: The Most Beautiful Pool in Europe (Porto) by Observador
Caption: The Most Beautiful Beach in Europe by European Best Destinations


Reason 4: Lisbon is creative!

Back in 2008 quite a few tabloids and international media in general pointed Lisbon as “the next Berlin” and the “Europe Silicon Valley”, due to its affordable rents, low-cost living and growing number of startups. Although currently (2017) the first two points are no longer that accurate, nevertheless one point remains strong: Lisbon is the place in Europe with the highest number of startups, which is attracting young minds and creative to the capital, which lead to host Europe´s biggest startup event – Web Summit 2016.

So you may expect to watch a lot of cultural events, from concerts and big summer festivals to international shows and art exhibitions. Our streets are alive, full of color and creativity, mixed with urban art which is reflected, among many other ways, trough the legal graffiti on abandoned houses’ façades



Photos Caption: Lisbon’s Graffiti by Mélange | Vhils by Publico | Espaço Brasil by Lx Factory | Street Performance by Luca Setti | Village Underground Lisboa by urbanitewebzine

Reason 5: Friendly people and their smiles!

We are all about hospitality! One of the reasons that make travelers to visit Portugal back again is the welcome manners of the locals. We love to host people, make new friends and treat them well by cooking all the local delicacies, get to show you around, tell stories and, of course, make you spell a few bad words…

Caption: Portuguese Funny People by Pinterest


So here you have 5 reasons to visit Portugal! Good weather, tasty food, breathtaking places and landscapes, cheap deals and nice people, all you need to get the perfect holidays!

See you soon…


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